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    Safeguarding Your Family

    if you die before planning for your wealth, it could all be lost. If there is no legal instruction, it will be the duty of the government to oversee its distribution. You have to take steps to ensure they will be comfortable in case you are no longer there. You will need a lawyer to help you in this exercise.
    In case you are yet to apportion your wealth, the state will do it for you. The intestacy laws kick in when you have not left any guidelines on how you wanted your wealth to be handled after you pass on. The the decision of who gets access to your wealth will rest with the government. Your children are included in this division. Since you had not made provisions for this, the government steps in. For parents, the idea of your child being raised by a stranger is shocking. You, therefore, need to make proper arrangements, as your untimely demise has major implications.

    It is not just the wealthy among us who need to plan for their estates. It applies to all kinds of families, despite who heads them. Single mothers, older siblings, grandparents, they all need to do this task. The state laws normally distribute wealth and child custody by the nuclear family setup. This means that these unique types of families will have to be the fastest in drafting these estate planning papers.

    Your children will also gain from the planning. When they get their inheritance through intestacy laws, it is at risk from creditors. The law recognizes inheritance as a source of income. It can, therefore, be used up in lawsuits, divorce or creditors. The the option of having it directed to a trust fund safeguards your children’s inheritance. Having it in a trust fund also eliminates the possibility of losses due to poor judgment or a reckless lifestyle. Another the way would be to appoint a trusted individual to manage it for them until they can.
    The Beginner’s Guide to Lawyers

    State intestacy laws will not allow you to make any charitable contributions. If your intention is to leave some money to a charity when you die, you will have to employ the services of an attorney skilled in estate planning to write up a binding document for our assets.
    Hire the best attorneys to take you through this exercise. When you attend to this task early enough; you will have all the time you need to think through your apportioning. As time goes, you can edit the document, but have in place the first draft, to avoid complications. Never leave to chance what you’ve worked so hard for. Secure their lives in your absence.3 Lessons Learned: Experts