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    Some Great Dishes to Try During Your Tours in Vietnam

    Take your students on a study tour to Vietnam and let them see this country for what it is today. When you think of Vietnam, you probably think about the terrible war torn country it once was, but, despite its bloody history, Vietnam is moving forward with intense optimism. Many immigrants and native-born Americans alike developed an appreciation for Chinese cuisine during the heyday of railroad construction in Western states in the 1800s. As a result, Chinese cuisine has remained a fairly constant popular alternative to the standard burger or fried chicken American mealtime options.

    Starting with the influx of Vietnamese ‘boat people’ in the late 70s and early 80s, Vietnamese cuisine has slowly entered the American culinary imagination. For meat lovers, the classic ban mi sandwich offers some gastronomic delights. Experiencing a subject outside the restrictions of the classroom brings many advantages, students are visibly more enthused, and motivation for learning can be drastically increased. The reason is that there are different tour packages for a period with different destinations or routes.

    Specifically, tour promotions are often applied for early bird bookings. Social and personal development is a recognized benefit of taking students away on a study tour. Your Vietnam tour just won’t be a Vietnam tour without it. Halong Bay, a short trip from Hanoi is a picturesque bay dotted with hidden islets and tiny inlets.

    In Vietnam, the peak season for traveling is summer to domestic tourists (from June to August), but it is from January to April to foreign tourists. During April, the Vietnam international travel mart annually is run in Hanoi with many cheap tours which will be a great opportunity for those who love travel, experience and adventure tours. This temple is thought to be the first university in the country, built in the 11th century. It escaped destruction during the many wars and retained much of its architectural splendor.

    As for other Vietnamese dishes, you can explore the many rice and noodle dishes that fluctuate Vietnamese cuisine. Almost all shops of agencies will offer tour promotions. Keep in mind, however, just because a Vietnamese dish seems similar to a Chinese dish, it can’t be dismissed as a pure knockoff of Chinese recipes. Pay careful attention to the difference ingredient variations play in the overall taste, texture, and impact of a Vietnamese dish.

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