Perfect Honeymoon in Seminyak Bali

Perfect Honeymoon in Seminyak Bali

Honeymoon in Bali seems to be the choice of many a traveler newly married. If you want to honeymoon in Seminyak, there are many places that can be selected as the Villa Alam Angels. The atmosphere is romantic and affordable!

For some people a comfortable accommodation five-star hotel is a major factor that must be met while on vacation out of town. One reason for the bedroom inn is one of the things that should be enjoyed when the holiday. For tips perfect villas for Your honeymoon, you can see at seminyak villas.

If you prefer to stay at the hotel, then when on holiday to Bali select the accommodation according to taste.

If you’re on vacation the priorities are lodging and photographs that can be produced after the holidays.

Picks finally fell on Villa Alam Bidadari Seminyak. The location is not far from the airport and the center of tourism in Bali, be other advantages in addition to the facilities offered. To book a villa can through the website provider or a hotel room directly on the official site.

With pay under $ 76 per night, you can stay in the villa’s private pool facilities. Whereas in a typical day, let alone the holiday season could reach millions of rupiah.

When arriving at Ngurah Rai Airport we immediately picked up to the inn. Unlike the other hotels that are usually welcomed in the lobby, we were greeted at the front desk at check-in a space that is more like a cafe with a few small tables.

While waiting for the check-in, a waiter delivered the welcome drink is capable of restoring the freshness of the body in the afternoon. When entered the room, the first impression which we feel is a huge room!

Queen size bed placed right in the middle of the room, plus a medium-size divan in front of the television. Beside it there is a spacious bathroom equipped with a sprinkling bathtup roses. The more romantic atmosphere for our room this message.

Another surprise is the honeymoon cake are provided free of charge by the residence. Chocolate cake with the words happy honeymoon actually quite amusing for us as the actual vacation this time not in order honeymoon. If it was considered a honeymoon, meant for the umpteenth time.

At the rear there is a medium-sized private pool. Traveler nothing to worry about prying eyes while swimming. Although next door to the other room, but each villa is lined with high walls about two meters.

For the traveler who wants to honeymoon in Bali, it would not hurt to try to stay in this villa. So you can get a super romantic memories after the holiday!

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