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    Miami Movers 2017: Your Ultimate Guide When Choosing a Local Home and Commercial Moving Company

    When it comes to moving, it is really a stressful process, time-consuming and involving a lot of important things to consider from your old home to your new home. So it is essential to choose a trusted, reputable and reliable moving company to help lessen your stress and worries when moving from your current place to your new home. Before choosing a moving company, you need to check if they are licensed by the federal government to operate, and it helps to ask if the moving company has a DOT number coming from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Find out if the company is a member of AMSA or American Moving and Storage Association to assess credibility, and contact your state’s moving association to check the moving company’s requirements and licenses.

    Research in detail to find out if the moving company is a legitimate member of AMSA or other reputable moving associations because some movers use BBB (Better Business Bureau) and AMSA logo but they are not legitimate members. You can contact BBB and AMSA to find out for yourself. It also helps to find customer reviews and comments on social media pages which are coming from real customers themselves. You can also pair your searches with the name of the movers along with ” customer complaints” or “issues”. It is important to take various estimates from different movers including all the things in your home that you want to be moved. It is important to ask for estimates all in writing describing all the charges along with additional documents from the moving company such as the order for service, bill of lading, and inventory list from the moving day. The bill of lading is a contract and receipt of your belongings between you and the moving company. In order to authorize the moving company to transport your belongings or household items from your old home to your new home, an order for service must be signed as well. An inventory list shows the receipt of your belongings and its condition before moving.

    In any event of damage or missing household items, it is good to choose a moving company offering some form of insurance. It is also good to interview the moving company for their tenure in the industry, if they offer any guarantee, if they do employee background checks and if they have a dispute settlement program. Feel free to check our website or contact us directly if you need more information about moving and if you are looking for a trusted and reputable moving company in Miami. The safety and security of your belongings and your satisfaction is our utmost priority.Why Movers Aren’t As Bad As You Think

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