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    Passing a Drug Test

    Majority of professional athletes face the reality that they may be required to take a random drug test in order to rule out presence of prohibited substance. Testing additionally occurs in workplaces because employers are trying to make sure that all their employees are complied with the rules. Say for example that random tests are carried out, then it will be a good idea to have valuable info on how you will be able to pass it. Fact is, most people get into situations that may sometimes get them in trouble.

    Say that you know that there is a drug test done on regular interval in your office, then good news for you as this gives you enough time to come prepared for the tests. The problem comes up if you don’t have prior notice with it. The moment that you are informed of the test, it is crucial to take immediate action. Doing this without causing any suspicion however can be difficult and it can leave you with limited options.

    There are several ways on how drug tests are done and these include:

    Blood and saliva testing – it’s necessary to find out the different ways that are typically administered in sporting events and workplace. Blood testing is a very common test done to which blood is drawn out before it is sent back to lab for testing.

    When it comes to saliva testing, it basically uses the same approach but here, it’s the saliva that is tested. Amongst workplaces, this is the most preferred option because of its simplicity since it only needs to use a cotton swab and swab the inner cheek and proceed to testing. The testing is capable of detecting drug use for the past few days.

    Hair and urine testing – urine drug tests or urinalysis consist of urine collection that’s examined for creatinine and temperature levels. Urinalysis is first screen check and normally followed by a number of procedures by using new samples.

    Hair follicle drug test requires examining strands of hair in determining if there are presence of drugs in the body. Hair testing is nearly a foolproof way because any signs of toxins stays in hair for months primarily due to the slow hair growth.

    People are trying different ways of passing drug test and these consist of urine dilution and substitution. When the procedure is performed randomly, doing such method is quite difficult to get away with. Detoxifying your system is a nice alternative for this. However, this largely depends on how much time you still have but it’s the most reliable solution you can get. If you want fast results, then an effective option you can try is buying detox products.

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